13 Amp Hot Tub vs 32 Amp Hot Tub: Which is best for me? 

One thing that customers notice when browsing our range of Artesian Hot Tubs is that some Hot Tubs require 13 Amp, while others require 32 Amp. What does this mean? What is an Amp? Is there much of a difference between the two? And, if so, which one is best for me?

Amp refers to the power supply that the Hot Tub requires to run, and with these two types of Hot Tub requiring different levels of power, they both have some minor differences which might change which Hot Tub you choose to settle on.

Let’s explore what these two types of Hot Tub are, the main differences between them, and how that might affect which Hot Tub would bring you the best Spa experience.


What is a 13 Amp Hot Tub? 

A 13 Amp Hot Tub uses a standard plug socket to supply it with power, which is why it is often referred to as a ‘Plug and Play’ Hot Tub. This means it requires less initial electrical supply set up, but will overall be less powerful when compared to the 32 Amp. 

Thanks to the latest in Artesian research, the 13 Amp Hot Tub only requires one pump as it perfectly divides its power amongst the jets. This is because the Hot Tub has been designed to have just the right amount of jets in all the right places, creating a powerful massage experience.

On a 13 Amp Hot Tub, the jets and the heater cannot be used simultaneously, however if you upgrade your Hot Tub with full foam insulation, then this can keep your water heated for longer during the cooler seasons. 

Despite the lower power, these Hot Tubs have become very popular with people looking to save on electrical installation, making them a fantastic choice for a relaxing stay at your caravan or holiday home.

For an example of a quality 13 Amp Hot Tub, check out the South Seas 519P

What is a 32 Amp Hot Tub? 

The 32 Amp Hot Tub is certainly powerful, requiring it to be connected directly to the main board at your property. Due to this, they can support having 2 pumps or more, with a higher number of jets and the ability to have the jets and heater running simultaneously. North Spas’ sister company, North Sparks, can provide you with the 32 Amp supply if you should choose.

The Tub’s ability to stay heated during use, and the higher power, means it is perfect for hours of relaxation and is very popular with those that want that perfect Spa-at-Home experience.

For an example of a 32 Amp Hot Tub, check out the Special Edition Cyclone



So, what is the difference between 13 Amp and 32 Amp Hot Tubs?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that the Hot Tubs have been designed in a way that minimises any major differences when you’re using them. Most likely, you won’t even notice the difference when you’re enjoying the latest in hydrotherapy!


However, there are some differences that will be important to know before purchase:


  1. Number of Pumps & Jets

A 13 Amp Hot Tub can run one pump, whereas the 32 Amp can have two or more pumps and more jets. More pumps would usually mean that there is more power going to each jet, however as Artesian jet technology has improved, you may not notice the difference.

  1. The Heater

On a 13 Amp Hot Tub, the restricted power means that the heater cannot run simultaneously with the jets. However, on the 32 Amp Hot Tubs you can run the jets and still have the tub being heated, meaning that the 32 Amp is guaranteed to stay warmer for longer. 

During the warmer seasons, this won’t have too much of an impact on the 13 Amp Hot Tubs. But during the cooler seasons, it will be best to insulate your Hot Tub using additional full foam insulation. This may be worth considering for those who prefer a longer soak in the Hot Tub.

  1. Cost

A 13 Amp Hot Tub definitely has its advantages in the area of costs, considering the initial price and electrical installation of the Hot Tub compared to that of the 32 Amp. It certainly is an economical choice, which has been one of the reasons that these Hot Tubs have become so popular! 

However the higher up the range you go at North Spas, the more economical the Hot Tub becomes in the long run. The 32 Amp Hot Tubs may appear a larger investment, but they will certainly save you costs in the future. If you are someone who prefers a longer soak in order to savour the Spa experience then the 32 Amp hot tub may be a better long term investment in comparison to the 13 Amp.

Please do consult our specialists at North Spas before you decide as situations may vary and many factors come into play when looking at Hot Tub costs. 

Ultimately, both types of Hot Tubs are fantastic sources of hydrotherapy – a huge step above that of inflatable Hot Tubs. It all ultimately comes down to what you’re wanting to get out of your personalised Home-Spa experience. 

To learn more about which Hot Tub would be right for you, contact us or visit one of our amazing showrooms!