Five reasons why I love the Antigua 52 Hot Tub…

If you’re looking for a Hot Tub, the Antigua 52 is a show-stopping, luxurious 6 seater with a variety of jets designed to deliver a deep tissue massage. It’s not just me who loves the Antigua; last year, 26% of customers purchased this 7ft hot tub. Let me tell you a little bit more about this USA manufactured hot tub:

1. Jets, jets and more jets

If you’re looking for something to massage your full body and melt away your stresses, the Antigua 52 is the spa for you. After a long day, there are 52 jets to massage you, so sink into the tropical waters, turn them on and relax. The Antigua has Helix Jets – which are uniquely crafted, sending water shooting out in a corkscrew manner right into your muscles. The jets are strategically placed to relieve any stress from your feet all the way up to your shoulders.

2. Quiet, clean and serene

When you’re looking for a hot tub, you should always consider how the system will ‘turnover’ and keep the water clean. The Antigua 52 is fitted with a 24-hour circulation pump, manufactured from reliable and world-renowned manufacturer, Balboa. The pump turns the hot tub water over up to 100 times per day for maximum filtration and cleanliness. What’s more, is the fact that this pump really is ‘whisper’ quiet – you would never know how hard it’s actually working!

3. Lights, jets, relax

Most people use their hot tub on an evening, just like me. I prefer the darker nights and love to sink into my spa with the LED’s slowly changing from colour to colour. A good LED system is crucial to getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from your spa. The Antigua 52 has 4 amazing underwater LED’s as well as back-lit water features.

Top tip: If you’re a star gazer, pop on the blue light, get comfortable and gaze away.

4. Comfortable for all

The Antigua 52 is a 7ft spa and offers 4-jetted seats; 1-jetted lounge and 1 cool down seat. If you’re buying a spa with a lounge, it’s always best to wet test before buying. The lounger in the Antigua 52 pretty much stretches the whole 7ft width of the spa – making it extremely comfortable. If you’re looking for an all over body massage and want to relieve your leg muscles a lounger is a must have.

I also really enjoy the cool down seat. When you’re relaxing in 40 degrees Celsius of water it can sometimes be a bit too hot. The cool down seat is a great place to lower your body temperature without having to get out of the spa completely. If you have children, they’ll hugely benefit from this too.

5. A touch of luxury

The Antigua 52 really is a luxury spa, it’s elegance and feature-rich specification captures you. The spa is manufactured by high quality and ‘WhatSpa?’ recognised manufacturer, Artesian Spas. When designing the Antigua 52, Artesian Spas hand-sculpted the mould to ensure perfection. Their great care and passion for high quality spas enables comfort, relaxation and longevity. If you buy an Antigua 52 from North Spas, you’ll get after-care support from us and a long-lasting warranty.

If you’d like to see the Antigua 52, visit us at one of our showrooms today!