Holiday Let Hot Tub Guide

With the demand of staycations on the rise, more and more Holiday Lets and commercial properties are looking to maximise their bookings and income.

People LOVE Hot Tubs! They help to make a short break or holiday extra special and will set your Holiday let apart from other properties in the area. Not only will you be able to add a premium onto your prices, but your property will get booked up faster and your occupancy levels will be higher.

There are lots of factors to consider and legislations* that need to be followed when adding a Hot Tub to your Holiday Let, so here’s our handy guide to help you.

*HSG282 is a guide from the Health and Safety Executive on the operation and management of Hot Tubs


What kind of Hot Tub to choose?

You will find when you’re shopping for a Hot Tub for a Holiday let, some manufacturers have several specific Hot Tubs which are HSG282 compliant. These will have an inline sanitiser or chemical feeder, which will dose the water with either chlorine or bromine. They will have adequate filtration, correct circulation and a maximum bather load.  You will also find that the Hot Tubs have limited number of features and possibly a control panel that only allows the user to turn on jets and lights. This helps with problems occurring with guests changing modes or adjusting filter cycles which can create issues. Buying a Hot Tub from a reputable dealer that has a holiday/commercial callout policy is also advisable. Here at North Spas, we have a 24hour callout policy in place for all of our commercial customers- meaning if you have any issue or repair, we will have a technician to your Spa within 24 hours. This can be important as it can mean a loss in revenue due to your Hot Tub not being in use as many guests will demand a refund.


How do I maintain the Hot Tub?

Again, following the HSG282 legislations, you are required to test the water twice a day and keep a record of these readings to demonstrate the Hot Tub has been regularly inspected and levels are safe. The water in the Hot Tub must be changed every week or every set of guests and all of the maintenance and cleaning will need to be recorded too. Every 4 months, a deep clean should be carried out or you could source a Hot Tub company to do this for you. We here at North Spas, offer a service including a deep pipe clean ensuring all bacteria including Biofilm are destroyed. Part of the ongoing maintenance will include regular microbiological testing with periodic tests to be carried out at an accredited laboratory (UKAS).

Handy Tip!!!- Having a hot feed to your Hot Tub can help on changeover days, meaning the Hot Tub doesn’t need to heat up to temperature from cold! Also investing in a submersible pump can quicken emptying the Hot Tub too!

North Spas includes chemical training with every Spa we sell. Once your Hot Tub is installed, we visit you and carry out full training so you know how to balance your water and maintain it.

What information do I need to give my guests?

Whilst a Hot Tub could be the reason a guest chooses your property over your competition, take the time to make a welcome pack with all the rules and regulations in and signage displayed near the Hot Tub to safeguard your company and avoid any accidents or mishaps for your guests.

Some suggestions might be:

  • Only enter the spa after showering.
  • No children under 12 years.
  • Bathers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No glass or sharp objects in the spa area.
  • Do not use the spa under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you are receiving medical treatment or have a long-term illness, consult your doctor before use.


This information would be given to you when buying from North Spas as well as paperwork to help you with record keeping and information for your guests. Although it can seem like there is a lot of rules and restrictions in place, our past commercial customers are glad they added a Tub. By adding a Hot Tub to your commercial property, you can increase your guest numbers and income which is why we see commercial customers returning to purchase more Hot Tubs as their Holiday Let portfolio increases.

Here at North Spas, we are experts in Holiday Let Hot Tubs, so if you’re thinking about taking the plunge contact us for more information and check out one of our HSG282 compliant Hot Tubs… South Seas 519P.