How does Microsilk benefit me?

Microsilk is a technology that gives you an ultimate luxury experience. At the touch of a button your Spa will begin to fill with microbubbles that are smaller than the pores in your skin. These microbubbles will penetrate your skin to strengthen, moisturize, hydrate and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Using Microsilk for as little as 20 minutes a day helps you to feel better and look younger.

So, what is Microsilk?

Microsilk is a combination of microbubbles which are very small air bubbles. These are 50 to 100 times SMALLER than the average air bubble. The microbubbles are produced in a dense “mist” form that create an almost “milky” looking water. These microbubbles have a slight negative charge that attracts them to your skin’s pores and impurities. Because they are so small, they are then able to penetrate into your skin to help detox your skin of impurities.

What else?

Another factor that is amazing about Microsilk is that it’s green. Like all Hot Tubs, air bubble will reduce the temperature of the spa. Well, that is not the case with Microsilk. One of the unique features of Microsilk is that the Microbubbles collapse under water, releasing heat, instead of floating to the top. So over time, the temperature of your Hot Tub will stay at the same temperature rather than decrease.

So, now that you have heard all about Microsilk, don’t just take our word for it… Come and visit one of our showrooms today to find out how you can get Microsilk.