How many Jets should my Hot Tub have?

What are you looking for in a Hot Tub? This is one of the most important questions we ask our customers when they visit us and the most common answer is ‘We are looking for a Hot Tub with lots of jets!’

With Hot Tubs being a fantastic source of hydrotherapy, it is only right that you would want to receive the perfect massage, so the more jets the better, right?

Well, the short answer is, not necessarily.

Many Hot Tub dealers and designers have peddled the myth that the more jets your Hot Tub has, the more powerful it will be and the better experience you will receive overall. It makes sense on paper, doesn’t it? But it isn’t the whole truth.

There are many factors that play into your Home-Spa experience, and how many jets you have, will play only one part in that. So, let’s begin to unravel this issue further.

Do more jets equal a more powerful experience?

The more jets your Hot Tub has does not directly translate to how powerful it will be for you. In fact, there are a number of factors that come into deciding the overall power of the Hot Tub such as:

A 13 Amp Hot Tub can only power one pump- meaning one pump needs to power all the jets within the Spa. You will usually find they have a diverter to allow you to divert the power of the one pump around the Hot Tub to give you customisation when in use. A 32 Amp Hot Tub will have 2 or more pumps- which allows for 1 pump to power one half of the jets and the other pump to power the other half.

This leads on to the more pumps a Hot Tub has, the more power it can divide amongst the jets. Too few pumps and too many jets can lead to a poor massage and overall a poor experience.

These factors demonstrate that when designing a Hot Tub, the balance between all these factors is very important. If the manufacturer were not to adhere to this balance, the Hot Tub could potentially suffer. For example, adding on more jets than the Hot Tub can support will negatively impact a customer’s experience. E

Even worse is that in some poorly designed Hot Tubs, an excessive amount of jets can also impact on the shell of the Hot Tub. It can cause the shell to become weakened and this can cause major problems! So, it is always important to discuss these factors with a specialist.


Quality over Quantity 

Artesian has spent years researching this issue of jets, trying to determine how many jets is the right amount for each Hot Tub, and they are proud of what they have discovered.

Using this quality research, Artesian have designed Hot Tubs with Quality in mind. On a Hot Tub, the jets are placed exactly where they need to be to ensure the perfect massage is given. Only the exact number of jets will be utilised in the design of the Hot Tub as to not compromise on the quality of shell or the power of the jet streams.

It is very important to North Spas that the customer only pays for what they need. More jets might not necessarily mean you are getting the hydro-massage experience that you need. Instead of judging a Hot Tub based off of jet count, we encourage you to focus on finding a Hot Tub that is right for you. One that can provide you with a therapeutic and relaxing experience, with every jet being thoughtfully placed in the exact location it needs to be for your enjoyment.

Get in touch with a North Spas Specialist

Ultimately, each Hot Tub is unique and will offer its own hydrotherapeutic experience. What is important is finding which of these Hot Tubs is best suited for your needs, and what you might be wanting to get out of your personalised Home-Spa experience.

The best way to find out more is to get in touch with our specialists, or visit one of our amazing showrooms!