How much does a Hot Tub cost to run?

Before you buy a Hot Tub, one of the questions on your list, will be how much does it cost to run per month? You don’t want to spend your savings on a Hot Tub to then find out its going to cost you hundreds per month to run it!

There is such a vast range of different manufactured Hot Tubs on the market these days it can be a little confusing, which one are best especially when it comes to running costs. Inevitably your bills will go up but it doesn’t have to cost the earth, it all depends on the Spa you buy. So let’s dive in to what you need to be aware of…

So what does it cost per month?

A top-quality premium Spa should cost around £30-£40 a month on running costs, (that’s using your Spa 3-4 times a week). You will usually see an influx on your smart meter when it first heats from cold but once it’s up to temperature we would recommend you keep it hot. Then it’s ready to use anytime, all year round.

Should I turn my Hot Tub off when not in use?

A lot of people assume if they aren’t using their Spa regularly that they should turn the temperature down then keep heating it up for use, BUT this will increase the running costs. It’s more cost effective to keep your Hot Tub running all year round.

What can I do to keep the running costs down on my Hot Tub?

There are added extras to help with your running costs, especially extra insulation such as full foam. Some Hot Tubs come standard with full foam but some don’t, but if you can add it on as an optional extra, it’s definitely worth it! At North Spas we only sell Artesian Spas that are manufactured in Las Vegas and come with an energy saving certificate. The full foam can be added on to any Spa if it doesn’t already have it as standard.

What to watch out for

Unfortunately there are Hot Tubs on the market that can cost hundreds or more a month to run. But how will you know which Hot Tub will cost the earth to run it!? You usually find that the cheaper the Spa you buy the more the running costs are, due the cheaper quality of parts and insulation they have. You know the saying you get what you pay for… when it comes to Hot Tubs the same applies.

Our Spas are built for longevity, so you will be enjoying your Spa for years and years to come. If you were to look at that compared to a cheaper, lower quality tub the running costs start to mount up compared to paying more up front.

Cheap Hot Tub Vs Premium Hot Tub Running Costs Comparison

So, if we look at a £3000 Spa with the running costs around £100 per month compared to a £7000 premium Spa with running costs at £40 per month, you can see by year 6, the cheaper Spa is working out more expensive!

£3000 Hot Tub (£1200 per year running costs)

Year 1 = £4200

Year 2 = £5400

Year 3 = £6600

Year 4 = £7800

Year 5 = £9000

Year 6 = £10200

£7000 Hot Tub (£480 per year running costs)

Year 1 = £7480

Year 2 = £7960

Year 3 = £8440

Year 4 = £8920

Year 5 = £9400

Year 6 = £9880

It’s so important to do your research on the manufacturer and the company you are considering buying from. Reviews on Facebook pages are an excellent tool to find out about the company and the product they sell.

So, our best tips to keep your running costs low are-

1 – Buy a Premium Hot tub

2 – Upgrade insulation to full foam if the Spa you are looking at doesn’t already have it as standard

3 – Keep your Hot Tub temperature constant, don’t keep dropping the temperature and bringing it back up.

4 – Check the filtration cycle of your Hot Tub and have it on the lowest possible setting, our tubs we recommend filtration 2.

5 – Always keep the cover on your Hot Tub when not in use.

If you have any questions about what to look out for when buying a Hot Tub or the running costs, please get in touch. A member of our friendly team will be happy to help.