How to get a Hot Tub in my garden?

The installation process of a Hot Tub may be a lot easier than you think. Customers regularly tell us – “I have no idea how you are going to get a Hot Tub in my garden.” In reality there are many different methods of getting a Hot Tub onto your property, whether it be a Crane, a HIAB or a Spa Dolly, we have right expertise and experience to deliver and install your Hot Tub safely and to a high standard.

So what can I expect?

All companies have a different process that they follow, but here at North Spas we carry out a series of simple steps to ensure that you can be relaxing in your Hot Tub as soon as possible.

Step 1 – Site Survey?

Our first step would be to come to your property to carry out a free, no-obligation site survey. The surveys are normally carried out by one of our Directors who has 15+ years experience in the industry so you are in very safe hands.

Within this site survey we would assess the area and produce a plan based on the accessibility and the foundations. No matter what your circumstances are, we will always use one of three methods.

So how do we get a Hot Tub on your property?

Our first choice method would be a Spa Dolly. A Spa what I hear you ask…. Let us explain – A Spa Dolly allows the Hot Tub to be wheeled in on its side as shown in the photo below and is a very easy method to get the Tub in position.

If this were not possible for any reason, (such as there was not enough width space between houses) we would then use a HIAB to lift your Hot Tub to the desired place.

Using a HIAB is a regular occurrence for us and it definitely should not be feared.

Our third and final method of getting a Hot Tub onto a property would be a crane. A crane would be used if the Hot Tub had to be lifted over a house or something of a similar height to get to the desired place. Again, we have installed countless Hot Tubs using a crane and we have trained professionals that will make this an exciting experience for you.

What else can I expect during a site survey?

Not only do we assess the best way to get the Hot Tub on to your property but we also advise on the best place to position your tub and assess the foundations that the Hot Tub will be sitting on.

On average, the dry weight of a Hot Tub is around 300kgs!

This means that Hot Tubs need a solid base such as timber or concrete and we should mention Hot Tubs for this reason cannot be put directly onto grass. We can talk you through all your options on the day.

What happens after the site survey?

After the site survey was complete and your Hot Tub was ready to be installed, we would follow the devised plan agreed from the site survey. The foundations and electrical work would need to be put into place first, followed by the Hot Tub being carefully placed on top using one of the three methods mentioned. Once the Hot Tub was in place, it would then be the final touches of electrical work to finish.

Our sister company North Sparks Electrical work with us on the vast majority of our installs so you are always in safe hands from start to finish; or like we say “From Base to Bubbles”

In conclusion – yes, it is really as simple as that. As long as you put your Hot Tub on a solid base and can run electrics to it, you can put it anywhere!

Why not contact our team today and book a FREE, NO OBLIGATION site survey and make your garden dreams a reality.

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