Hydrotherapy: How Hot Tubs can help with your Mental Health

The past year has been a difficult time for most and as we arrive at Mental Health Awareness Week, we feel it’s very important to be positive and constructive about one’s own mental and physical health. But have you ever considered Hydrotherapy?

It is no secret that the Hydrotherapeutic experience that a Hot Tub can provide can have a lasting and positive impact on your mental health, and with it being Mental Health Awareness Week, we thought it was important that we lay out just some of the ways that this Home-Spa experience could benefit your overall wellbeing.

  1. Relaxation

Regular use of a Hot Tub has been well known to help reduce stress and the anxiety that it causes. It does this through the use of its powerful jets, easing the tension in your muscles and allowing for your body, and thus mind, to be put at ease. These powerful and warm massages, if enjoyed for at least 15-20 minutes, can help to ease your worries, putting you in a state of relaxation.

It has also been known to help out with depression as well as, when you soak in warm water, it helps your body to release endorphins into your system. Endorphins are a “feel good” chemical that will help you feel more content and at home. Regular use of this will surely help offset much of your stress in the long term.

On top of this, relaxing in a Hot Tub has also been seen to help give you a better night’s sleep, further lowering your stress throughout your day. This works as when you leave the Hot Tub, your body will begin to cool down – a process that you naturally experience when falling asleep, helping to promote a better night’s sleep. And a better night’s sleep will better prepare you for what lies ahead in the next day!

  1. Socialising

One fantastic opportunity that having a Hot Tub gives you is the opportunity to socialise. Over the past year it has been difficult for friends and family to meet, but it seems that is all beginning to be put behind us and we can all look forward to socialising with our close family and friends in the near future. Needless to say, socialising with those that care about you is very helpful for your mental health and Hot Tubs can provide a brilliant backdrop to accomplish this.

Hot Tubs allow for a range of people to be seated in them, with everyone being able to enjoy the massaging flow of the jets as you engage in bubbly conversation, away from tv screens and smartphones, and just enjoy that well-needed human contact.

Alternatively, a Hot Tub can also give you a chance to unwind after a long social occasion, allowing you to gather your thoughts and maybe do something that you enjoy by yourself – such as reading a helpful and thought-provoking book!

  1. Weight Loss

With summer just being around the corner, many people are looking to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing and Hot Tubs can be the perfect assistant in attaining this goal!

Research has shown that spending around an hour in hot water can burn up to 140 calories, which is about as much as a 30 minute walk. This means that combining the two activities, i.e. going for a walk and then unwinding in your warm Hot Tub, is a powerful combo for both helping you lose weight, and helping you to relax. The Hot Tub’s warm water will even help relax your muscles, making it the perfect choice for any post-workout activity.

Another point to remember is that we actually tend to gain more weight when we’re stressed. When we become stressed, it can cause our bodies to store fat and produce hormones that make us want to eat more. This is why, if you don’t want this to happen, a nice and easy soak in your hot tub can help you release the stress you have built up during the day.


Additional Bonuses for enjoying a Hot Tub

Additionally, Hot Tubs can also be used to help ease some physical symptoms as well. These can include:

  • Respiratory Benefits – The steam produced by the Hot Tubs can help open your sinuses and lungs.
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief – The temperature and feel of the water in the Hot Tubs can help to relieve arthritis and joint pain. Relaxing your muscles, decreasing tension and improving your flexibility.
  • Headaches – The warm water from the Hot Tubs can help to dilate your blood vessels, decreasing the pressure in your head. This will also give your heart a work out, allowing it to benefit from this experience.

There are a multitude of health benefits to enjoying the Hydrotherapeutic experience that a Hot Tub can offer you, making it a sound investment for your future self. Each Hot Tub, however, is unique and will offer its own hydrotherapeutic experience. This is why it is very important to find which of these Hot Tubs is best suited for your needs, and what you might be wanting to get out of your personalised Home-Spa experience.

The best way to find out more is to get in touch with our North Spa specialists, or visit one of our amazing showrooms and let us help you find the perfect Tub!