Introducing the COVANA Hot Tub cover…

Did you know we are now COVANA installers? The COVANA is the world’s only automated Gazebo for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

A ground-breaking solution to optimize the use of your Hot Tub, this all year round, easy to use electric cover operates with the simple turn of a key and is powered by a standard 13-amp plug. Not only does this avoid the arduous task of having to clear snow from your Hot Tub cover in the winter months, it also provides additional safety and security. By turning the key you can control the height of your COVANA cover adjusting it to a level that suits you.

With four different models available, the Oasis, Horizon, Evolution and Legend, there is a COVANA cover suitable for almost every Spa!

  • Oasis – Perfect for Hot Tubs up to 8ft (on display at our Kingston Park Showroom)
  • Horizon – For Spas up to 8ft and also allows an open view of the sky
  • Evolution – Compatible with most large and round Hot Tubs
  • Legend – Taking the Swim Spa experience to a new level of luxury

The COVANA Oasis offers peace of mind and privacy for a luxurious experience, it includes integrated multi-coloured LED mood lighting designed to create ambience, warmth and a cosy atmosphere.

Can I add a COVANA cover to my Swim Spa?


Yes you can… if you’re looking for a COVANA automated cover for your Swim Spa our COVANA Legend is the largest within the range and will take your Swim Spa experience to a whole new level in less than 30 seconds!

Can I add privacy panels to my COVANA cover?

Absolutely…COVANA systems are more than just Hot Tub covers, they are also completely automated gazebos which offer you maximum comfort, safety and intimacy. As it securely closes and with its optional retractable shades including Opaque, Island, Zen and Sun Screen which are available on both of our Oasis and Evolution models, they look great and also protect you from the weather. You can also customise your cover with different colours to match your Hot Tub and surroundings, the COVANA Horizon pictured below is designed to lift at a 25-degree angle which allows you an open view of the sky.

Not only will the COVANA cover look amazing in your garden or outdoor space, it has a number of extra benefits which include energy saving, safety and durability. It’s water-tight seal minimizes water evaporation therefore saving water, energy and maintenance product costs. Moreover, its above-industry standard insulation value which makes it the most efficient cover on the market. The COVANA safely locks, fully covers and secures your Hot Tub, allowing full control of who accesses your Spa.

COVANA is the perfect addition to your Artesian Spa. For more information contact us today