Is it possible to try out a Hot Tub before I buy it?

The short answer is, yes! And in the industry, its what’s known as a ‘Wet Test’

Hot Tubs are such a huge investment, how can you possibly know which Hot Tub is right for you when you haven’t had the chance to try one out for yourself? We like to explain it like buying a car… you wouldn’t buy one with out test driving it first!?

Here at North Spas, we believe it is essential that you are purchasing a Hot Tub, it’s perfectly tailored to your needs, and wet testing makes sure this happens.

So, let’s begin to answer this question, so that you can get on to start enjoying your own personalised Home Spa experience!


Can I try out a Hot Tub before I buy one?

Here at North Spas, the answer is always yes! We strongly believe that you should never judge a book by its cover, and we really recommend that anyone who is interested in getting a Hot Tub should try one out first, in order to experience the features of each range and feel the difference in the jets. There is such a vast range of Hot Tubs from Artesian Spas, they all have something to offer and trying them out first helps you decide which one is the right one!

So, once you’ve visited one of our showrooms and spoke to one of our friendly sales team, we will carry out a free non obligation site survey. Ideally if you have an idea of a few Spas that you are interested in following your showroom visit, we will come out and check how we are going to get a Hot Tub into your property, check where it will be located and quote for any extras you may need or want. Once you have received your personalised quotation, we will offer you the opportunity to ‘wet test’. This is usually 2-3 Hot Tubs and is completely private. These appointments are booked in after opening times and you will have the complete showroom to yourselves. Both showrooms have changing facilities including robes, slippers and refreshments then it’s just a case of jumping in!

There is no pressure to even make any decisions on the spot once you’ve come into one of our showrooms either, as we understand that a decision like this is very important. Take all the time you need to decide, we here at North Spas are willing to support you all the way. Our team of Hot Tub professionals is more than willing to provide you with all the information you could possibly want to know on our Hot Tubs, such as advice on cleaning the Spas, the Spa maintenance services that we offer and information concerning delivery and set up.

Where can I try out a Hot Tub before I buy?

North Spas currently has two showrooms in the North East of England that you can come to visit in order to see the Hot Tubs in person and wet test from.

Our Newcastle showroom is located in the Airport Industrial Estate (Unit 7B, Kingston Park, Newcastle, NE3 2EF). Our County Durham showroom is located in Dobbies Garden World (Durham Road, Birtley, DH3 2BQ).

With these two amazing showrooms in the North East that are open 7 days a week, there hasn’t been a better time to come on over and visit North Spas to see how we can help you!

A wet test is usually organised out of opening hours and is completely private to you. We heat the Hot Tubs ready for your wet test and once shown the controls, you are left to to relax and see what each Hot Tub has to offer.

No matter what, North Spas is here for you!

There is one all-encompassing, one-stop-shop for all your Hot Tub needs and desires and that’s North Spas! Take the hassle out of research and let North Spas provide you with all the answers you might need to start your Hot Tub journey, so you can kick back and enjoy relaxing in your Hot Tub without any worries!

Every Hot Tub we install is unique and will offer its own hydrotherapeutic experience that we want you to know can benefit you no matter the season, which is why it is so essential that you get the Hot Tub, and Hot Tub-related products, that are best suited for your own personal needs. North Spas can do it all, from Base to Bubbles. We have had 15 years of experience helping customers get the Home-Spa experience that they needed and can assure you that no question is a wrong question to ask.

The best way to find out more is to get in touch with our North Spa specialists, or visit one of our amazing showrooms.