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In recent years and the impact of the pandemic has seen us all adapt and more of our social lives and our work lives revolve around the home now and it’s important your home works for you, now more than ever. When thinking of home and your space we think of exactly that, space. What we fill that space with, be it hobbies, work or space to relax in. You need a living that’s specific to you and Outdoor Living might be the perfect way to do that. More specifically the use of your outdoor space, the garden as we know it is quickly changing into a key place for living at home, there’s no greater space than the outdoors and now space more intimate than your own. So how do we transition to living outdoors and what’s the best way to do it?

Three Reasons Why Garden Rooms are the way to do it. 

When thinking about life after the pandemic we often think about being restricted in what we can do, but that’s the exact word we’d avoid. It’s more an extension, quite literally, of your home life and the potential it can have. Which is exactly why Garden Rooms are becoming increasingly popular and there are three reasons for it-

  1. Specific.

Everyone’s home is different and any extension to your home should extend into your own interests. With the Garden Room, that interest is the heart of what’s being built. Be it a space to get fit in a home Gym, an office for those that need a space to work or even a home bar to socialise in. Whatever you are looking for, North Spas can create.

  1. Bespoke.

Every Garden Room is built from scratch, to fit your space and your garden. From the second the site survey is underway, there’s no Garden Room like your own, it’s fitted to the specifications of your Garden and the location itself, whilst being entirely customisable to fit your vision. We only build bespoke, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. All of the products used are of the highest standard and customisable to you- whether its bio folding doors, a building with a Hot Tub gazebo…. whatever you chose, we will deliver and that’s the beauty of trusting in North Spas, your garden room isn’t bought off a peg.

  1. Built to last.

 As we invest in our home lives, we want our investments to last. That’s why we only use the strongest materials with the most experienced joiners in place to build your space. A house becomes a home and a home lasts forever, as should your Garden Room as it becomes a part of your home. Using external composite cladding gives you peace of mind for years to come.

How to Get Started on Outdoor Living

Visit us

In Kingston Park, our reality showroom is a must-see to give you an idea about what we can do to transform your outdoor space. Meet one of the friendly team and we can talk you through all the aspects of our Garden Rooms.

Book a site survey 

Booking a site survey puts you in the perfect place to truly visualise your new, outdoor living. We are able to come out, free of charge, to your space and accurately fit the space for a Garden Room to your liking. Talk it through with our expert joiners to ensure your space is right for you.

We handle the rest

Once you know your space is right for you, then it’s our job to build it and we take great pleasure in doing so. It’ll be no time at all before you’re spending all of your time living it up in your new space outdoor.


Your Garden Room, your Outdoor Living.


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