Trex vs Timber

It’s the beginning of the year, the lighter nights are slowing starting to creep in and you are realising your garden needs some attention after the winter. Especially the timber deck that needs a sand, prime and paint again this year.

Composite decking is becoming more and more popular over the last few years, being virtually maintenance free, it can be the way forward when thinking about renewing your current rotting, splinting timber deck.

Here we are comparing a regular timber deck with Trex Composite Decking, an American product which is now the worlds largest manufacturer of timber alternative products.

Trex Composite Decking- What is it made from?

Trex is made from 95% recycled sawdust and plastic packaging and 3 sides of the board are covered in their natural wood look shell. Covering the boards on 3 sides, helps with protection from the harsh weather conditions and giving it a natural look. There is various colours to choose from in the range, from a natural wood look to a more contemporary look with greys and sands. There are lots of ideas for colours, with boarding with any alternative colour being a popular choice. Compared with timber which is affected by harsh weather, it can start to rot and splinter due to cold, wet conditions and the colour can be changed by painting.

What maintenance is required to keep Trex Decking?

Trex prides itself on its virtually maintenance free decking. It will not mould, scratch, stain or fade and no oiling, staining or painting is required. It may need an occasional brush of leaves and debris and a good wash after the winter with some soap and water but other than that, your deck can be enjoyed all year round. Timber, however, needs regular maintenance including sanding, staining and/or painting on an annual basis. This can be time consuming and costly.

What warranty is included?

There is a 25 Year limited residential fade and stain warranty included with Trex, 10 years in a commercial setting. Unlike Timber which has a approximate shelf life of 10-15 years, that’s with the annual upkeep of painting and staining, meaning the whole deck will need replacing long before the warranty on a Trex product has ended.


Installation- How easy it is it to install?

Trex is very easy to install and the boards include a grooved edge giving you 2 installation options; Trex decking screws or secret fixing clips, which cant be seen to give a flawless finish. Trex can be installed by TrexPro Installers, you can find your nearest on If your current timber deck has a base and joists that are in good condition and haven’t started to rot, Trex can be installed on top of the existing framework. Timber is also easy to install but regular decking screws are the only installation option.

Is Trex Eco-friendly?

Trex recycles 400 million pounds worth of plastic and wood from landfills every year, making it the most ecofriendly composite decking product in the world. No trees are felled to make their products and 95% of the core is made from the recycled sawdust and plastic packing. Timber obviously has a massive environmental impact, with millions of acres of trees cut to provide the product.

How much does the price differ?

Initially timber upfront is cheaper than Trex to install, but in the long run a timber deck can be costly. In both time and cost of materials to upkeep your deck, over the years this can mount up. Also having to replace the whole deck 10-15 years down the line is another cost to think of. Trex has no upkeep and the 25-year warranty, you know this product is there to last!



We here at North Spas have an amazing display of Trex at both our showrooms, pop in and speak to one of the team about replacing an existing deck or creating your dream garden with either Trex Composite Decking or Timber. Click here for directions or ‘Like’ our Facebook page for more ideas of what we can create!