What are the benefits of Full Foam Insulation?

Are you looking at buying a Hot Tub or upgrading your existing Hot Tub? Have you heard about full foam insulation but not sure what difference it makes to your Hot Tub?

Taking all our industry knowledge we have covered in this blog exactly what it all means and what to watch out for….

Why Full Foam Insulation?

100% Full Foam Insulation is considered one of the best types of insulation in a Hot Tub. The foam supports the pipes and plumbing to prevent leaks and reduce the noise (as there are little or no vibrations). It also backs the structure of the shell giving the Spa structural integrity, and ultimately maintains running costs as the foam reduces heat loss.

In a fully insulated hot tub, the interior of the cabinet is filled (the foam is sprayed in). This not only keeps the heat in, it also adds structural support to the Spa, which lengthens the life of the components. This is a key benefit of full foam insulation. Running the Hot Tub motor, pumps and jets causes vibrations that can lead to wear and tear on the components and plumbing. Full foam encapsulates the components and reduces vibration, drastically lowering the incidence of component and plumbing failure.

Buying a lower quality Hot Tub can seriously increase your electricity bill. We recommend thoroughly researching Hot Tub brands who can offer well insulated quality built tubs, like Artesian Spas. Artesian’s full foam insulation provides the most efficient heat retention available in any Spa. It dramatically increases the strength and life of the Spa’s shell and plumbing whilst keeping your energy costs low.

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