What chemicals are essential for my Hot Tub?

When you’re splashing out on a luxury Hot Tub, you want to look after it; after all our All-American Hot Tubs are built for longevity. So, knowing what chemicals to use to maintain your water, not only to keep your water safe and clean but to preserve the life of your Hot Tub, it’s shell and components, is so important. There are a multitude of different types of chemicals, but which ones do you need?

No doubt you will have seen a number of things being said and products being pushed in your direction, without too much clear guidance on what you really need. Well, much like the clarity of our Hot Tubs’ waters, we here at North Spas believe it is vital that the customer receives a clear breakdown of what they need and what we can offer them. That’s why every Hot Tub bought from North Spas comes with personal chemical training at your Spa side.

So, let’s dive into the world of Hot Tub chemicals and see just what are the main types of chemicals that will be important to know about!


Why do I need chemicals for my Hot Tub?

Unfortunately, there is no way round it, chemicals need to be added to your Spa water to keep to safe and clean. BUT please don’t think you need a degree in chemistry to maintain it, once you know how, it’s easy and water safety is paramount. Chemicals are just one piece of the puzzle to keeping your Hot Tub well preserved and here at North Spas, we always have specialists on hand that will be able to walk you through what kind of maintenance you will need to keep your Hot Tub at top performance in the long term.


How should I be storing Hot Tub chemicals?

First off, let’s discuss storage. The safe storage of your Hot Tub chemicals is just as important as having the correct ones, as you do not want your chemicals to be stored in a place where they can be damaged and can leak.

There are some good practices to maintain in order to make sure the chemicals are secured safely:

  • If the chemicals are in a cabinet, make sure that the cabinet is not sat on the ground and has a lock. This is largely so children and animals can’t get at the chemicals, for their own safety.
  • Consider having a waterproof cabinet for your chemicals, as they are designed to dissolve into water, and so you should strive to keep them in a dry and cool place where there is no risk of them getting wet or mixing together.
  • Keep the chemicals in the original packaging! Some people like to repackage their products for their own pleasure or to fit an aesthetic of a room, but the chemicals in question are in containers specifically designed to keep them (and you) safe. We also write instructions and amounts on the bottles for ease when adding them to your water.



What Hot Tub Chemicals Do You Need?

The following is a breakdown of the main groups of chemical products that are a MUST when maintaining your Hot Tub or Swim Spa water, luckily at North Spas we provide every Hot Tub purchased from us with a chemical starter kit-


  1. Products to adjust the pH of the water

Maintaining the water balance is very important for you to enjoy your Spa safely, making sure that the water isn’t too acidic or alkaline. You want your water to be neutral. A pH that is too low can cause skin irritation and damage the Spa. Too high pH and you receive eye and skin irritation, while decreasing the effectiveness of some of the other products on this list such as sanitizers.

For you to keep your Hot Tub pH in check, you should have a pH increaser and a pH decreaser. These products do as they say on the tin and will help you to manually balance out the pH of your water.


  1. Sanitizer

Unfortunately, bacteria naturally will enter your Hot Tub, whether it’s through bathers or bacteria in the air. This is largely unavoidable, even when proper precautions are taken (such as showering prior to getting into the Hot Tub) and so the Hot Tub sanitizer is a must in order to help your Hot Tub stay clean.

Sanitizers keep your Hot Tub water balanced and safe to enjoy, with people commonly using either Chlorine or Bromine options. There are options to choose such as granules or tablets, but here at North Spas, our team are fully trained on water management so can give you the best advice for you. If you want to know more about granules or tablets, click here.


  1. Calcium hardness increasers

The hardness of your Hot Tub’s water will always be something that is checked when the chemical levels of your Hot Tub are checked over by a Hot Tub professional. If the hardness in your water is not at the correct level, then your Hot Tub water can become cloudy. Even worse will be any build up of scale that can be seen in and around the surfaces on the Hot Tub, which can go towards damaging the metal components of the Hot Tub.


  1. Shock Treatment

Shock is a type of shocking agent which is used to help to ‘shock’ organic matter out of your Hot Tub water. You add it to the water and allow it to oxidise all of the unwanted organic matter. We recommend doing this when you first fill your Hot Tub with fresh water, once a week perhaps when you are cleaning your filters and after heavy use. You can purchase this in bottles or individual packages for ease.


All these chemicals are included in a chemical starter kit with every Hot Tub purchased from North Spas and including testing strips and a handy measuring cup. We then go through all the chemicals individually at your Spa to give as much knowledge as possible to maintain your Spa water on chemical training. Then we are only a call away, if you ever need any more advice.

And where can I find a one-stop-shop for all this Hot Tub Chemicals?

We have two North East showrooms, both with every Hot Tub chemical you could need available including accessories too. We are open 7 days a week and are happy to give you any advice you may need to keep your Hot Tub water safe and sparking. The best way to find out more is to get in touch with our North Spa specialists, or visit one of our amazing showrooms. We hope to hear from you soon!