Why we love the Artesian Elite Dove Canyon!

If you are looking for a luxurious, show-stopping Hot Tub then look no further than the all American Artesian Elite Dove Canyon. This 8ft Spa includes 5 spacious seats and a full length lounger, fully jetted with 67 jets! But that’s just the beginning; so let us tell you a little more…

Complete Control

The Dove Canyon has new state-of-the-art technology that allows you to take complete control over your hydrotherapy experience at your fingertips. Each seat is controlled by a DIRECTFLOW™ panel that has an on/off switch as well as an air control and a variable flow control. All of this can be controlled from within the comfort of your own seat. The DIRECTFLOW™ allows for the ultimate personalized control over your hydrotherapy.

Unrivalled Efficiency

The Dove Canyon is packed with energy saving features and green technology; making it one of the most energy efficient and cost effective spas on the market.

24 – Hour Circulation:

This pump circulates constantly, keeping your spa water amazingly clear and clean. However you may think this will use a lot of energy to do so, but the reality is that it uses less than your average Spa. It only draws 0.6 amps providing super high efficiency.

Smart Heater:

Artesian’s Smart Heater is a remote water heating system that varies its electricity requirements to suit what is needed at that time. This means that it only takes as little electricity as possible to bring the water to the desired temperature.

Full Foam:

The Dove Canyon is fully packed out with Full Foam insulation. This insulation provides a high level of insulation to help the Spa retain as much heat as possible. This ultimately means that less energy is needed in order to keep the spa up to temperature.

Innovative Design

The Dove Canyon has an extensive list of unique features that make up the design. A feature that sets it above any other Spa is its curved shell design. The curved shell design makes it higher at the back of the spa to the front of the spa, really focusing in on the statement piece it really is. It also has a DynaBrite Elite LED lighting system so that you can get maximum pleasure from your spa no matter what time it is! The Dove Canyon also has four Bellagio falls and a 24”adjustable waterfall to nestle under.


The Dove Canyon is complete with 67 powerful Helix jets and dual Footblasters that are designed to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. All of which can be controlled through DIRECTFLOW™ from your own seat. The Artesian Elite range are the world’s first 7 pump spas, allowing for a therapy pump for every seat. These therapy pumps are located behind every individual seat to ensure maximum power and minimum energy used; making it the most powerful, yet energy efficient Spa of its kind.

We have an Artesian Elite Dove Canyon on display at our Kingston Park Showroom, so why not come and have a look for yourself.